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Our Approach

History of the program

Over the past 5 years, MIT Refugee Action Hub (ReACT) has offered its Certificate in Computer and Data Science program to over 200 learners from refugee, migrant and low income communities located in 30 different countries. 

Now, building from its proven model, MIT ReACT is broadening its reach, with the launching of Emerging Talent, aiming to scale educational programs designed to provide transformative academic and career development opportunities to learners from vulnerable, underrepresented or historically marginalized communities worldwide. MIT Emerging Talent’s global online program will continue to offer the Certificate Program in Computer and Data Science while integrating MIT ReACT with new communities of talented learners.   

Leveraging its partnership with MIT Emerging Talent, MIT ReACT will continue its work in developing, researching, and sharing best practices in refugee and migrant education and workforce development.

Stay Tuned

Applications for the MIT Emerging Talent Certificate in CDS are now closed.  


Agile Continuous Education

We use an agile continuous education (ACE) model, advanced by leading educators and researchers at MIT, focused on providing education in a flexible, cost-effective, and time-efficient manner, by combining a broader range of online, on-site, and at-work learning experiences and modalities.

ACE Pillars

Individual learning

Online synchronous and asynchronous courses and activities that offer a digital credential certification.

Group Mentored learning

Participation in intensive hands-on, project-based, online and on-site workshops, bootcamps and activities aiming to promote technical and professional skills development, and cross cultural  collaboration.

Real-life Mentored learning

Application of  the newly developed  skills at-work, through internship and apprenticeship programs, career advising and mentoring, or in carefully structured and mentored  projects and activities.

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MIT Emerging Talent’s network of global Hubs enables us to connect learners to meaningful opportunities and connections to advance their education and careers. Hubs are networks of support that include: a dedicated Hub Coordinator, who manages learner cases and stakeholder relationships; an Anchor University, providing supplemental learning opportunities to learners; NGOs and Humanitarian Organizations, helping with learner recruitment and providing other supplemental services; companies that provide internships, job and mentoring opportunities; and other key stakeholders such as ambassadors and sponsors. 

Do you want to engage and explore developing a hub in a country where Emerging Talent is not yet working?

Our Team

MIT Open Learning Dean for Digital Learning

Dr. Cynthia Breazeal

MIT ReACT Faculty Founder, NET Advisor

Dr. Admir Masic

Associate Director

Megan Mitchell

Program Coordinator

Camila Massa

Computer and Data Science Instructor

Somaia Zabihi


MIT NET is brought to different parts of the world thanks to our financial supporters and advisors, who believe that education and workforce development is the best tool to help upskill communities worldwide. 

Get to know our supporters, advisors and Hub ambassadors!


Hala Fadel


Erdin Beshimov


Lorraine Charles

Advisor, Greece Ambassador

Marina Hatsopoulos


Soo Kim